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CORPERWE!!™ is an online community for Nigerian graduates who have been opportuned to go through the NYSC orientation programme .
Corpers and Ex-corpers alike, no matter the year of service. Meet , Chat , Share and reconnect with your platoon members .


You are required to register with the following basic information:
  • Username

    The unique username you would be refered to as in the CORPERWE!!™ platform.

    It should be between 4 to 15 characters long

    it should not contain any space or special character

    for example: paul

  • Phone Number

    it would be used to contact you outside the CORPERWE!!™ platform.

    it must be an 11 digit Nigerian phone number

    for example: 0816*******

  • Email

    In order to retrieve a lost password

    It must b a working email address

  • Description,Likes and Interest

    These are keywords that describe you ,they would be used to suggest the best people and groups you should join and invite to make your CORPERWE!!™ experience the best ever.

    Should not be more than 60 characters long

    for example : car frsc calvary corperwe

  • Password

    must be between 6 to 15 characters long

  • Platoon Service year

    you will enter the year, state , batch and platoon you served with

    You can not alter or join with another platoon once you have registered


Once you have registerEd successfully , you will be registered inTO your platoon group. Here, you would be able to make posts and recieve them to and from your platoon group members


In addition to your platoon groups, you can also create and administer new groups with unique names . Private and Public alike

You would invite friends and other relevant people from other platoons

You would be the only one who can make posts , or repost into this group

You would recieve replies and create discussions from and with the people you hae invited

Othe people could also repost your posts via their own Groups


Once you have created a group , you would share or make posts via your group , you could also repost from other groups if it is not a private group

You wold be able to post text, images , and youtube videos

You cannot make an empty post

Comments , Replies ,Discussion

Interesting posts would bring up discussions, so put up interesting posts and images to make every one in you group and beyound involved